Recap is shutting down this June 2019.

An easier way to start deeper,
more empowering discussions.

Recap is question-led chat tool augmented by the power of video that makes it easier to start deeper, more empowering discussions with students and teachers.

100% FREE

Support as many topics of discussion or classes you need with unlimited Queue's, questions and participants. No upgrades required!

Works With

Integrates with Google Classroom plus embeds videos into these popular platforms and more.

Available Anytime, Anywhere

Participants can access Recap with Laptops, Chromebooks, iPad's, iPhones and Android devices. Full teacher access is currently on laptop or Chromebook only.

Teacher Stories

“What I loved about using the new Recap was the big question button, and that probably doesn’t surprise you.”

Shannon Schroeder, ELA Teacher

“I think what they’ll find is that if [teachers] let the students ask the questions and drive the instruction, that their students will gain more out of it.”

Laurie Guyon, Integration Specialist

“It allows me to see questions outside of the classroom…to prioritize which ones fit in the lecture, which ones can be addressed later, and which ones can form the direction of our classroom.”

Christopher Cole, Tech Coordinator and Teacher

“It has also been a great motivator for my kids to rehearse reading and then record themselves. They really love it. They even ask for more Recap assignments! Thank you so much!”

Renee Pearce, ESL Teacher at LaFayette Elementary School

“I love that I get information on what they actually know about science instead of how well they express it in writing. And students…are motivated to put a little extra thought into it.”

Laura Riehemann Turner, Middle School Science Teacher

“Journeys are a great way for me to have my students explore that Francophone(French) culture they are all so interested in. They want to make a personal connection.”

Alison Dykman, French Teacher

“Students are able to articulate their mathematical process now with amazing academic vocabulary. For me, the best part is identifying their error and being able to dialogue!”

Nancy Squatrito-Kilborn, Middle School Math Teacher

“I am absolutely LOVING this tool!!! I know of many students thoroughly enjoy this…and teachers will as well–authentic feedback/assessment from the students and it’s VERY easy to use!!”

Kate Carlson, Middle School Teacher

“The new Journey takes learning to a new level because it engages my students with curiosity & gives students greater choice, control and ownership in their own learning journey.”

Tracey Heisler, English Instructor

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