A Deeper Look at Recap with Greg Kulowiec

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In one of his latest videos, @EdTechTeacher21 (edtechteacher.org) instructor and former history teacher Greg Kulowiec explores our new, free student video response and reflection app, Recap. Watch the video for a closer look at this simple, powerful tool to see what it can do for your classroom. “I can think of countless ways that I might use this,” smiles Greg. “I think this tool is fantastic. A seamless video reflection tool.”


Recap is now in public beta and available to everyone. We highly encourage every educator to create an account today. In no time, teachers will discover the benefits Recap’s video assignments and responses bring to instruction and learning. There are many more Recap success stories to be told. What will yours be?

Teachers and students can use Recap on desktops, Chromebooks and any laptop. Currently, Recap for iPad supports student accounts only. Visit the App Store to download Recap for iPad.


We Want to Hear Your Recap Story

We never want to stop improving and getting to know our wonderful community of educators, which is why we love to hear about your Recap experiences. How are you using Recap? What do your students think about it? How has it affected learning in your classroom? These are some of the questions that keep us up at night. 🙂 Share your stories with us and the Recap community! Email us at stories@letsrecap.com.