Students Track Progress While Building Class Rapport

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Swivl’s free student video response and reflection app, Recap, is now in public beta, and teachers are registering for free accounts and logging in to create assignments, watch student video responses and share videos with their classes, parents and colleagues.
Jon Dufay, a high school forensics and biotechnology teacher from Washington, found multiple uses for Recap, starting with reviewing lessons and introducing new topics. “We are starting a unit on cancer in my biotech class, and I wanted them to do a video brainstorm and just talk to me about the things they already knew about cancer,” said Mr. Dufay. He also uses Recap as a project management tool for reflection, projection and goal setting. “It’s helping them be more focused on planning, setting goals and accomplishing things every day.”
Like many other teachers who use Recap, Mr. Dufay noticed the positive effect Recap has had on his students’ presentation skills. “Some students put notes on their screen to guide them along and cover important speaking points. They spend more time planning what they say, and it’s been really cool to see,” he shared. Jon notes that he is able to get more in-depth answers and finds himself paying more attention to Recap responses than he did to the written assignments he used to do because students put more thought into video responses.
At the end of each class, Mr. Dufay uses Recap to show a Daily Review Reel—one of Recap’s many helpful features—to the whole class. “Once I started doing that, they started taking it a little bit more seriously, because they realized that the rest of the class was going to see them.” The high school science teacher feels that this also helps the class establish better rapport, as many students get creative, show more of their personalities and have fun with their video responses. Funny faces, silly noises, disguises and fake mustaches are all welcome and frequent additions to his students’ responses. “The kids work with it, they figure it out and get to know each other maybe in a way they wouldn’t have before, so I’ve actually really enjoyed it and I think they have, too.”


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