Recap in Preschool: Using Video to Connect with Families

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Kate Rouse (@MsKateRouse7) is a Spanish-English bilingual preschool teacher in Illinois. This year, Kate is incorporating video into her students’ learning experience with the help of Recap.

“In preschool we focus on home-school connections and are always looking for new opportunities to engage families. This school year I asked parents to sign on to Recap so that I could send them a video prompt related to our current unit of study. For the beginning of the year, I posted a video asking them to share something related to reading that and gave suggestions such as showing me their favorite reading spot, introducing me to the people at home who read with the students, show me their favorite book, or show me their library if they go to one to check out books.

Reviewing the responses from families was a great experience. We no longer do home visits in our program, and so these videos gave me a small window into the lives of my students. Some students showed me their favorite books, one family read a book together in their response, and another sent their video from their local library. Students who are normally very shy were less inhibited filming from the comfort of their own homes.

I showed the videos to the class, and the students enjoyed seeing one another in their homes and with family members.

This year I will be sending out a Recap prompt during each unit of study so that families can connect their experiences to what we are learning in school. I will also be supporting my colleagues as they also begin to use Recap as a home-school connection tool that is engaging and helps reinforce learning. I am excited to look for additional future uses of Recap that can enhance my students’ learning experiences.

I am also looking forward to the upcoming new features listed on the Recap website as I think they will heighten the experience of using the app.”