Kristen Fudale – Using Recap for Student Reading Reflection

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Kristen Fudale, a Recap Pioneer and Academic Integration Specialist in Ohio, shares her experience using Recap as a student reflection tool to teach reading and writing.

“This is my 18th year teaching. Currently, I am in my 3rd year working with students and teachers in grades K-4 as an Academic Integration Specialist. In addition, I often work with teachers K-12.

Last year, while in NYC at a teacher writing conference I noticed the theme was student reflection. When students reflect they help to assess their own learning. Thus, they learn even more through the process. Recap is the perfect tool. Last year I began using Recap to have students reflect on many things. Often, I started with writing. I wanted them to use the class rubric to look over their writing and explain how they felt they did on their writing. Usually, I would ask them to explain one area they feel they did excellent in and give examples from their writing. I also think it’s valuable to ask students where they feel they need improvement in future writings.

This year, a few teachers asked me to help them with their reading groups that were independently reading above grade level. We started by making book trailers in Google Slides and adding voice with Nimbus. We also made some green screen recordings. At the end of the week with these students, I thought it would be helpful to use Recap. I asked them what their favorite book was that they read this school year and explain why. I then asked them to explain how they have improved as a reader this school year. Their recaps were amazing and well thought out. They really evaluated and gave evidence of how they improved. (See Katherine’s Recap below)

A few weeks ago, I asked a 2nd grade teacher whether after students read alone they could use Recap to summarize their book.
In all subject areas I think it’s a great way to give an exit ticket. You can see if they understood the concept you were working on that day. I love how easy Recap can be embedded into a classroom. When teachers start using new technology tools, they need to pick a few that work well for their needs. I believe teachers should focus and start small then branch out as their comfort level increases. Since Recap works on Chromebooks, iPads, and smartphones, it’s a good one to begin with in class. I have successfully had students in grades K-4 use Recap.”

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