New Year Update

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Happy New Year Recappers!

The newest Recap update was released on December 28 and includes two of the most highly requested features to date. You can update the app here for iOS and here for Android.

The number one most requested feature has been to edit the Daily Reel. You asked for it, so here it is. You can customize the Daily Reel to include any of your students’ videos, turn the background music off, and disable the graphics. Before update, the Daily Reel was automatically populated with the first five videos submitted by students. You now have the option to manually select any six videos you want to appear in the Daily Reel and can go back and edit the reel at any time.


There is a deeper value of being able to select student videos to be featured in the Daily Reel deserves an explanation. Editing the Daily Reel allows you to create video reels for different purposes. From parent-teacher conferences to group activities, Daily Reels can help you demonstrate the learning that takes place in your classroom.

For group activities, you can select particular videos to share with students for peer review. To illustrate to supervisors, colleagues, or parents your students’ progress, select videos that best reflect on the material covered in class. Use this new feature to present parents with their child’s work during the school term. Select a student’s review reel and share it via email or weblink for future use.



The second most requested feature is the ability to assign due dates for particular days. You asked for more flexible assignment scheduling and we listened. With the new calendar function you can assign Recaps to be due on specific dates and at specific times. You can go back and edit the selected date anytime until the assignment is due. After then, you can reopen the completed Recap by Duplicating it (top right corner of the tab). For classes using a Join Pin, students will be alerted via Push Notification after the Recap is assigned.

Since the launch of Recap in February 2016, we have grown to a whopping 500K users! We’ve been featured on many blogs, and at countless teacher trainings and conferences, like ISTE 2016. We’ll be at TCEA 2017 in Austin, Texas in February, so come say hi if you’re attending. We expect to reach 1 million user responses by February. Not bad for an app that’s barely been around for one year. Of course, we have our amazing users to thank for that that.

A deep and heartfelt thank you to all of our users who have sent us questions and shared insights and ideas for building Recap. Asking questions is such an integral part of Recap’s core, that we want to emphasize how much we appreciate all of the great questions you’ve sent us. Rest assured that each of your messages is read and reflected upon. So please keep them coming and don’t hesitate to reach out if you want to share your thoughts or experience with Recap more extensively. If you do have a story you want to share with the Recap community, I’d love to talk about posting it on our blog. So, please email me at and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.