Introducing Recap 2.0

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We're extremely pleased to announce Recap 2.0 - a Q&A platform that ignites anyone’s curiosity to learn anything. It bridges the divide between our collective need to find better answers and the education community’s need to inspire learning with a Q&A platform that does more with questions.

Why do we need better answers?

People’s growing apathy to learn is becoming a powerful global force. And it has a direct connection to our over-reliance on algorithmic searches and feeds. To counterbalance this, we need a way to find better answers that pull from the collective wisdom of thought leaders and educators.

We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we're curious...

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Recap Discover

Recap 2.0 comes with a connected public Q&A site called Discover. It’s where thought leaders and educators ignite your curiosity to learn with Journeys that connect you with what's worth knowing. Journeys are better answers to questions, designed based on research about how curiosity works. Their title is always a question. And they are made up of a 60 second video with links.

Expanded Platform

The second update is an expanded platform for educators to gather and shape class discussion around student questions. The platform is built to match Journeys to student questions automatically based on interests, making it easy for educators to leverage the Discover community and better personalize instruction. And like Teachers Pay Teachers, it will provide opportunities for them to get paid for their Journey contributions.

“Long term, I see Recap 2.0 working like Quora. Where anyone can search for questions on Google and find Journeys that ignite their curiosity to learn more deeply. Educators will continue to tap into this rapidly expanding knowledge base and curate the best Journeys for their dialogue with their students. That’s when we start to create a new future. ” said Brian Lamb, CEO of Swivl.

Beta Details

Recap 2.0 is launching in public Beta. Interested users will be able to test out features immediately. The full Beta featureset will be available to all users by early May. Recap Discover will be in private Beta with access limited to select thought leaders and educators until late summer.

Read the full press release here.