Integration Specialist Connects Student Questions to Education’s Future

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Laurie Guyon is an Integration Specialist for Schuylerville Central Schools in New York, formerly a 6th grade ELA teacher, and was one of the first beta testers for Recap 2.0. The focus on student questions and curiosity resonated with her, and to Laurie, the platform is reflective of a growing movement within education. “I think we’re all coming together at the right time, call it serendipity, whatever you want to call it. We’re all at that moment where we’re like ‘ok this is where we need to drive education from this point forward.’”

...this is where we need to drive education from this point forward.

Laurie Guyon, Instructional Specialist
Inquiry-led instruction is a relatively new style of teaching, and Laurie admits that for many educators it can feel “almost backward from what you’re typically used to doing.” But Laurie feels the benefits far outweigh the initial challenge, “I think what they’ll find is that if [teachers] let the students ask the questions and drive the instruction, that their students will gain more out of it. If they’re the ones coming up with the question, they’ll be more engaged in the instruction.”

For Laurie, the proliferation of online information is one of the main reasons why inquiry-based learning is shaping the future of education. “It’s no longer a time for you [the teacher] to ask the basic question and for the student to memorize an answer and respond to it, because they can just Google an answer at this point.” Recap’s new tools put student questions first and drive instruction forward through a process of inquiry, supporting what Laurie sees as the new objective for teachers, “having the student come up with the question and then finding the answer for themselves and exploring it through conversation and collaboration, I think that’s the goal for us as educators moving forward.”

Laurie is creating a series of Journeys for some of her upcoming summer PD sessions to bring some of her previous teaching practices online and help train educators how to use the technology. Watch some of them by clicking on the icons below.

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