Using Recap 2.0: A Teacher’s Experience

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Note: This is a guest post by our amazing Pioneer Angela Westmoreland.

As teachers, we all want our students to be engaged in a relevant, personalized learning experience. It can be hard these days to make learning relevant in such a fast-paced world and to gauge student awareness and understanding at the same time. Wait. It shouldn't be that hard! Enter the Recap Journey.

The Recap Journey is a game-changer. It fuels students' curiosity by providing them the information they need to evaluate their own ideas and share their opinions. Designed to naturally progress, the Journey creation process is easy and seamless, allowing the teacher to connect links and comments to each part of the journey. The students follow the journey and build upon their knowledge, literally step-by-step.

Twenty-first century learning should include technology, not shun it, and Recap provides the perfect balance between inquiry and assessment, allowing students to share their own thoughts in a creative and contemplative way. Recap also prepares students for self-reflection and evaluation by giving teachers the option to include a student self-assessment piece. In order for students to be prepared for twenty-first century work, they need to know and understand how to properly and effectively reflect and evaluate their own work and ideas.

I have really enjoyed using Recap and I am honored to be a Recap Pioneer. My students like using the app and sharing their ideas. They also like how everything is contained within the app and/or website. Recap has been a wonderful tool for review as well as introducing new material, especially near the end of the year when student engagement can decline. I am so glad I found and tried Recap!

About Angela

Angela is a sixth grade Social Studies in Fayetteville, North Carolina. She is a certified Google Educator, Levels 1 and 2. I have an M.Ed. from Campbell University, and I am currently pursuing an MS in Instructional Technology at East Carolina University. See her full profile.