Back to School Release: All about the Queue

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We’ve launched our fall release!

We launched Recap 2.0 in May with an eye towards today. Since then we’ve worked closely with our early users to refine and simplify the experience. The end result is far more elegant and powerful. Nothing exemplifies this more than the Queue.

The Queue
Simple, clean and approachable.

The purpose of the Queue is to develop questions into meaningful learning dialogue. We’ve converged all of Recap’s features (question handling, Journeys and Video Responses) into one intuitive interface. It allows dialogue to progress along with any learning activity and in a way that can appeal to all learning styles.

It’s not just for classes anymore!

Its ideal for topics, events and more.

Don't just take our word for it, check it out yourself! To do that we've setup a demonstration Queue that shows you how it works and helps address your early questions about this new interface.

Easier, More Flexible

We’ve dramatically simplified the sign-up and sign-in process. Where there used to be ten steps, now there are three. Plus we’ve made it so every kind of account can access everything with a simple Join Pin.

Now demoing Recap to other teachers is a breeze! And just as important, the Queue can now be used in teacher trainings to extend and focus the dialogue on any topic. It's no longer just for training them on Recap. We’ve even integrated with Google Classroom to make setup a snap!

More Open

Recap is known for its private tools that get everyone comfortable using video. And we’ve expanded that to asking questions. You now you have the option to open up the discussion as well. Share student responses with all participants for lively inquiry-driven dialogue. Make your Queue open to the world for others to view. Embedding responses in platforms like Canvas and SeeSaw will be ready in 2 weeks!

Better Supported

We have worked extra hard this summer to create some great new videos and articles. Take a look at our support site now and get yourself up to speed quickly!

Getting Started

Going back to school soon?

Set up a Queue to provide an intro to your class and for students to introduce themselves and ask questions.

Have a PD event coming up?

Use our Queue to extend and focus the dialogue before and after the event.

To help you get started quickly, we're offering 15 minute personal consultations for the next several weeks with Brian Lamb, Recap's CEO, and Emily Merritt, Recap's Marketing Manager. Just click their respective name to select a time. We'll send you a Google Hangout link just before we get started!

You can also checkout the blog we wrote on using the Queue for events!

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