5 Ways to App Smash Recap to Take Blended Learning to the Next Level

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Even the greatest, and most skilled individuals can become better and more effective on a great team. Technology is no different. An app or tool on its own may be fantastic, but when used in tandem with other compatible tools, they can make magic happen in the classroom. That’s the concept behind App Smashing, the practice of using multiple tools or apps in a single project or activity.

Recap works like a Twitter educational chat, but is safe for students and augmented by video. On its own, it makes it easier to start deeper, more empowering discussions with students and teachers. But combined with other apps, it draws learners into an even more interactive and thought-provoking experience. Here are some of the apps that we love to App Smash with Recap.

5 Apps to App Smash with Recap

  1. Khan Academy: There are many great resources online that make it easier to flip your class, and Khan Academy is one of the biggest and most possible. For a fully blended experience, support your students’ flipped learning with Recap, an online chat tool where students can pose questions and chat about what they’re learning as a class. Provide a Khan Academy video for your students to watch, then set up a Recap Queue where they can discuss their learning online.
  2. TED Talks: TED Talks help you provide students with a little burst of motivation to learn more about a topic, in under 20 minutes. TED features presenters ranging from thought leaders to scientists, authors and entrepreneurs. When you’re creating a Journey in Recap and want to add that extra punch of interest, add a link to a relevant TED Talk to spark your students’ curiosity.
  3. Twitter: Whether you’re moderating an edchat, participating in one, sharing great resources you’ve found, or asking for professional advice, Twitter is many educator’s go-to platform for building a Professional Learning Network and making global connections. When you need to take the conversation beyond 140 characters, dive deeper into the topic in a Recap Queue.
  4. Pocket: There’s nothing like accidentally running across the absolute perfect article or video to share with your students for an upcoming lesson. For those moments when you find the ideal resource, but you’re not in lesson planning mode, Pocket is a great tool for saving that link for later. You can easily save and categorize what you’ve found, then have it easily accessible for when you’re putting together a flipped lesson or activity, like a Journey in Recap. When you go to put together your Journey, now you’ll have all the links you need stored neatly in Pocket.
  5. Instructables: Instructables has over 100,000 DIY projects, many of which are great for the classroom. Choose a project for your students, or give them a few options to pick from, and present the project links in a Journey. Ask them to document their experience along the way, using video responses in your Queue.
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