November’s New Features

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The school year is in full swing and we are thrilled to see how many of you are using Recap in innovative ways to have deeper, more empowering discussions with your students! Our latest update to the platform brings an exciting set of features that you requested and some that your feedback inspired us to create. All of these updates are aimed to give more choice and flexibility in how students and participants express themselves, letting teachers focus more on what really matters: developing a great dialogue.

Here are some of the highlights from this newest update:

  1. 5 Minute Video Responses
  2. Expanded Teacher Participation on Mobile
  3. Audio-Only Responses
  4. Profile Pictures
  5. Plus great performance improvements!

5 Minute Video Responses

If you have ever wished you could use Recap to record student presentations, you can now do so with new 5 minute video responses. We expanded the length of time that you can give students to record so that they can practice short demonstrations or presentations, display their work, or even document an experiment or project in STEM lab. Did we mention it’s free for all users?

Starting today, when you assign a question for video responses, you can select 5 minutes from the “Max recording time” drop-down menu.

Expanded Teacher Participation on Mobile

  1. Sign up: Now both students and teachers can sign up through the Recap mobile app. Hosting an Edcamp or conference session using Recap? Now your participants can create their account onsite at the event using a mobile device.
  2. Access and participate in Queues: Now you can join a new Queue within the mobile app, while signed into your teacher account, then pose questions, respond on video, or chat in a Queue. No need to create a separate account to be a participant.
  3. Participate in the Queues you own: When you sign into the app as a teacher, not only can you access Queues as a participant, you can participate in the Queues you have set up as a student. They’re all displayed in the workspace when you sign in.
  4. Review and comment on responses: Now you can review student video or audio responses, and leave feedback in the comments, all from Recap on mobile. You can also pose new questions for your students to respond to via chat.

*Note: Web access to Recap through a browser is still required for Queue and video response setup.

Audio-Only Responses

At Recap, we’re dedicated to providing opportunities for everyone to communicate and express themselves, and to promoting student choice in the classroom. In order to further these goals, we have released a brand new kind of responses to Recap: audio-only responses. Now, students or participants who are camera shy or are not prepared to be on video can still express themselves verbally, through an audio recording.

When setting up a question for video responses, teachers can toggle on/off the option to leave an audio-only response.

Profile Pictures

Profile pictures have arrived to Recap! Identity is so important in online communication, and students deserve the opportunity to take ownership of their online identity. Now users can upload a photo, from their computer or their mobile device, to represent themselves on Recap.

Teachers and Students/Participants can now add profile pictures through the Edit Profile screen.

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