Ed Finney

Ed Finney has been teaching Middle School Social Studies at Maple Hill Middle School in Schodack, New york for over 20 years. Six years ago, Ed had the opportunity to incorporate a cart of ipads into his classroom. The access to devices led Ed on a technology adventure that continues today. His students are motivated, engaged, and learning at a higher level when technology is integrated into his classes. The student excitement motivated Ed to find new ways to incorporate additional technology into his lessons The benefits of technology integration has led Ed to always be on the hunt for new tech! Ed is a Nearpod Pionear, a Flocabulary Master Certified Educator, a member on the National Council for the Social Studies Technology Leadership Community, Co-Chair for the New York State Council for the Social Studies Technology Committee and has presented about technology integration at a number of conferences around the country. Ed’s favorite conference session to present is titled “Stressless Ways to Integrate Tech into your Lessons”. He has presented Stressless Tech over ten times this year and he stated that each presentation is different due to all the new and exciting tech that is released. Finding game changing tech like Recap is exciting and motivates Ed to search daily for new tech!

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