Luke Freeman

Luke Freeman is a high school science teacher of honors freshman biology, biology I, and physical science. He is starting his 7th year of teaching. Luke currently teaches in a southern Illinois high school where students benefit from a 1:1 iPad program. Prior to teaching, Luke was a research biologist for several state research agencies. As a biologist, Luke designed projects and conducted field research in landlocked lakes of Kansas, freshwater streams in the Strawberry Mountain Wilderness of Oregon, and Midwestern lakes of Illinois. Attention to detail and communicating results has formed the foundation of his classes. He is well known for asking a “Question of the Day” to begin each class period. Recap has given his students the opportunity to share their thoughts and opinions when they might otherwise withhold their ideas. It has incited lively class discussions, and most importantly given students a voice. As a Recap Pioneer, Luke promotes critical thinking, and encourages his students to never stop searching for answers. Luke earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology at Emporia State University, KS and a Master of Arts Degree in Teaching at Greenville University, IL.

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