Stephanie Rieper

Stephanie Rieper is a high school Algebra teacher with the Waxahachie Independent School district in Waxahachie, Texas. A long-time educator, Stephanie strives to find new and inovated ways to present materials to her students and to make learning fun and relevant. Last year, through her principal, she discovered Recap and excitedly began utilizing it in her classroom for informative assessment of Algebra concepts. Stephanie initially believed it would be a fun way for students to submit their work and convince them to practice. What she received in return was so much more than that. Through simple 30- and 60-second video responses, Mrs. Rieper discovered the personalities of students that otherwise tended to blend in. She saw students engaged and invested in explaining their own thinking and often she saw students make mistakes and then go back and correct their mistakes or if they did not correct their own mistakes, as a teacher, she was able to see and hear aloud, exactly where that mistake ocurred and could address it directly. The potential for growth through simple and short reflection is simply beautiful. Stephanie was able to even convince her school to utilize Recap to have staff answer simple short questions in video reflection to post to the school’s social media account as a way for the community to get to know the faculty and staff. With Recap the possibilities are endless!

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