Creating Storylines

Inquiry is proven to ignite curiosity because it creates a better storyline. A storyline that makes a subject interesting, relevant and important.

The Journey

The Journey helps teachers motivate students to learn. It's a 60-second video with accompanying linked resources that help you create storylines connecting questions to learning content.

Start with a Question

The Journey is ideal for questions that indicate students need their curiosity sparked or when you need to give them a jumpstart on complex questions to help find the right resources.

Build the Path

Curate the right content to address the question into a playlist that students navigate at their own pace.

60 second storyline

Once you have your Path, now its time to create your storyline. 60 seconds is just enough to make a question interesting, relevant and important. Nothing more.

90% of educators

report better student engagement and improved learning outcomes when they align their class materials to what makes students curious.


You can publish Journeys to students and Recap Discover at the same time. When you publish to Recap Discover, you help promote inquiry-driven dialogue everywhere and can get rewarded for your efforts.
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