The art of igniting student's curiosity is in how you answer questions. Are you enthusiastic? Did you make it relevant? And did you provide a path of discovery instead of just an answer?

How It Works

It's a 60 second video that provides the answer to "Why do I need to learn about this?" and a learning path with links to what is worth knowing about a question.

Start with a Question

When you have a good question and want to ignite curiosity to learn, create a Journey or select one from Discover to take students down a personalized learning path.

Build the Path

Curate the best content you can find on the internet into a set of clickable directions that students follow while you track their progress.

Why a 60 second video?

It's just long enough for teachers to answer the question "Why is this is worth learning?" The time limit ensures discipline to avoid curiosity-killing lectures and answers.

90% of educators

report better student engagement and improved learning outcomes when they align their class materials to what makes students curious.


You can publish Journeys on Discover, privately to students, or both at the same time. When you publish to Discover, you help promote curiosity-fueled learning and can make money.
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