Questions Worth Considering

Rethinking questions requires not only a lot of questions, but a storyline of why a new question is worth considering. One that inspires your curiosity to do research and build understanding.

The Journey

The Journey is a tool to help you explain why a question is worth considering using a video storyline and a path that connects you with relevant content.

How They Work

Connect with Content

Curate relevant content that helps build understanding into a Path that students navigate at their own pace.

60 seconds

Once you have your Path, now it’s time to create your storyline. 60 seconds is just enough to make a question sound interesting, relevant and important.


Where Journeys get published by educators to collaborate and share the storylines they create about questions. Accessible only to Recap users during Beta.

Video Responses

Deepen the discussion on a question and provide opportunity for authentic voice, based on new understanding.
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