Become a Pioneer

Recap's mission is to ignite anyone's curiosity to learn. Pioneers are our authentic educator voice to help spread it. It is critical that all Pioneers embody the mission and utilize Recap 2.0 capabilities in addition to Recap 1.0. New Pioneer selection will be based on this criteria.


  • A one year commitment, with the option to extend.
  • Create, maintain and publish at least 5 Journeys per semester.
  • Actively use Recap and share with other educators.
  • Actively support Recap on social media platforms, including blogs.
  • Write one guest blog post per year.
  • Represent Recap at 3 or more conferences or events.


  • Recap Pioneer title and badge.
  • Being featured on our website among other distinguished educators.
  • Potential sponsorship and giveaways for event attendance, per request.
  • Early access to new updates and features.
  • $5/Journey for up to 25 Journeys ($125 max).
  • Option to propose larger Journey production projects with supporting budget.

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