Become a Pioneer

The Recap Pioneer program requires a one year commitment. As extended team members, they will receive special attention and support from the Recap team and, thus, will be carefully selected from a pool of the best candidates.


Recap Pioneers are expected to:

  • Spread the word about Recap among fellow educators
  • Actively use Recap, and share content and experiences
  • Participate in interviews (video and written) and share related stories with their peers
  • Actively support Recap on social media platforms, including blogs
  • Write one blog post every two months detailing and reflecting on Recap experiences
  • Share experiences and activities to help in creation of content, such as case studies
  • Represent Recap at 5 or more educational conferences or networking events



  • ‘Recap Pioneer’ title and badge
  • Being featured on our website among other distinguished educators
  • Sponsorship for conference attendance as Recap representatives
  • Participation in exclusive giveaways
  • A chance to connect with other Recap Pioneers
  • Early access to new updates and features
Check out our current group of Pioneers!