Questions belong here

Inquiry requires a culture take root. But most physical classrooms and online tools work against it. Questions need their own space to flourish.

The Queue

The Queue helps you develop questions into meaningful learning dialogue. You can gather, manage and discuss student and teacher questions in a space accessible anytime, anywhere.

Want to see one in action? We've setup a demonstration Queue just for that purpose.

How It Works

Set a New Culture

A culture of inquiry starts by communicating that questions matter. The most prominent button for students is the "Ask a Question" button.

Shape Questions

Review questions privately to remove fears of asking dumb questions and develop questioning skills.

Share and Dialogue

Share good questions publicly to drive group dialogue, then follow up with Journeys, Video Responses or both!

98% of educators

are eager to share a good student question to the whole class. And a majority say that collecting questions through private channels foster better questions.


Video storylines connecting questions with learning content.

Learn about Journeys
Video Responses

Promote group discussion about knowledge, thoughts and skills.

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Student questions are essential whether you teach with traditional lectures, or use new methodologies like inquiry-led or project-based instruction. From kindergarten to higher-ed.


Available to Students Anytime, Anywhere

Recap works with Chromebooks, iPad's, iPhones and Android devices.

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