Questions belong here

Leading learning with questions requires building a culture of inquiry. But most physical classrooms and online tools factors working against them. To flourish, questions need their own space.

Question Queue

Recap 2.0 provides a space to gather, shape and discuss student questions in a Queue that helps you build a culture of inquiry accessible anytime, anywhere.

Millions saw the apple fall, but Newton asked why.
Bernard Baruch
98% of educators

are eager to share a good student question to the whole class.

How It Works

Setting a New Culture

Building a culture of inquiry starts by communicating to students that their questions matter. The most prominent button they'll see is the "Ask a Question" button.

Shape Questions

Educators can review questions privately to remove the factors that normally limit student questions and coach them on how to frame good questions.

Share and Dialogue

Student questions get shared to the Queue to drive whole class dialogue and to select them for Journey or Response follow up.

A Majority of Educators

say that collecting questions through private channels foster better questions.


Available to Students Anytime, Anywhere

A culture of inquiry starts by giving access to all students. Recap works with Chromebooks, iPad's, iPhones and Android devices.


Student questions are essential whether you teach with traditional lectures, or use new methodologies like inquiry-led or project-based instruction. Recap works from K-12 to Higher-Ed.
Question Queue

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how it works.

Student Responses

Promote student voice with video responses to demonstrate thinking, skills and reflection.

About Student Responses

Ignite curiosity using our unique teacher video response that you create or select from Discover.

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