Student Responses

Video responses to questions are the ideal way to demonstrate evidence of thinking, new skills, reflect and promote student voice.

How It Works

Students respond in short clips to questions selected from the Question Queue. Responses can be shared privately with the teacher or with the whole class for dialogue*.


Responses by students to date!

Student or Teacher-Led

Enter or select a question from the Question Queue for students to respond to. This means questions can originate from either students or teachers*.

Foster Depth of Thinking

Expand selected questions into a series of questions or prompts, with supporting video explanations, to help foster depth of thinking.

Simple Response Management

Set due dates and use our built in notification tools to help you manage when students respond. Or post to Google Classroom when you are ready!*

Track Progress Over Time

Responses are automatically sorted into personalized folders for each of your students so you can track their progress over time and prompt meaningful reflection.

Link or Embed*

Link or embed individual, whole-class or highlight reels of student responses to facilitate assessment, building portfolios and parent communication.

* Note: All starred items are features that are coming in our August 2017 release.

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