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“I have been using Recap for a couple of weeks. I love it I get information on what they actually know about science instead of how well they express it in writing. And students know their videos may pop up in class so they are motivated to put a little extra thought into it. The support is also great!! When I had a question, I got an answer within a couple of hours.”

Laura Riehemann Turner, Middle School Science Teacher

“I use Recap as an exit slip and formative assessment. I’ve used it in Health and PE to share video reflections of questions that are posed to my students. A video reflection is a great tool for those students who might have a hard time physically writing what they want to say.”

Kaitlyn Bloemer, Middle School Physical Education and Health Teacher

“The students were shy at first but are able to articulate their mathematical process now with amazing academic vocabulary. For me, the best part is identifying their error and being able to dialogue between each other for instant feedback!”

Nancy Squatrito-Kilborn, Middle School Math Teacher

“My students and I are really enjoying learning to use the Recap app. It has been incredible listening to them talk about their learning, especially in math. Other teachers in my school are asking about it…”

Jerrod Ball, High School Teacher

“I am absolutely LOVING this tool!!! I know of many students who would thoroughly enjoy this…and teachers will as well–authentic feedback/assessment from the students and it’s VERY easy to use!!”

Kate Carlson, Middle School Teacher

“Recap is a great tool for parent-teacher conferences. I can actually show parents how their kids’ verbal skills and comprehension improve instead of just showing them a test score.”

Peter Wong, Middle School Science Teacher

“Many students struggle with written comprehension questions. With Recap, they can express themselves and demonstrate understanding of the subject matter independently of their writing.”

Julie Schumacher, Elementary Educator

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