Ignite Curiosity Everywhere

Join the dialogue in classrooms around the world with Journeys that ignite student curiosity to learn on a platform that not only is free to use, but can also bring you rewards for your efforts.

Beta Rewards

To invest in building our future, during the Beta educators can get rewarded $5/Journey for their first five (5) Journeys. Just sign up to get started. See beta terms and conditions for the details.

More Opportunity

Interested in doing more than this? We have a partner program called Pioneers. Educators that participate can receive rewards on up to 25 Journeys and can propose special projects for even more.

Are you a thought leader on a subject? We'd like to speak to you directly about working together. Send us an email at beta@letsrecap.com
1 Million Students are already on Recap
just waiting to have their curiosity to learn ignited.

Post Beta

Post-Beta, we will provide the option to publish for free or $0.99. Publishing free is encouraged. But for those that put in exceptional effort, we believe in providing rewards.
Create Journeys

Find a good question to respond to, build your path and record your video. Then choose free or paid!


Journeys can be browsed and commented on free within Discover. Use Twitter to promote them.

Get Paid

When a teacher assigns your Journey to answer a question, you get paid by them.

The Future

Journeys are universal. The goal for Discover is to become a new Quora or YouTube with a focus on learning. We'll subsidize our free education tools we offer with ads that present zero student privacy concerns and share revenue with creators. This is a future we're willing to invest in!

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